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Resophonic Guitars
My son Kyle helps out on his visits from Tennessee

Schoonover Resophonic Guitars
Anne (Dopyera) West and Kent in the Schoonover Resophonic Guitars booth at IBMA 2005.

Jimmy Heffernan - Resophonic Guitar Player
Resophonic guitar player and teacher Jimmy Heffernan with his Schoonover Resophonic Guitar
See and hear Jimmy play his Schoonover on his highly acclaimed resonator guitar instructional DVDs. Click on his link below.

Jimmy Heffernan is a Dobro/Resophonic Guitar Player and Instructor.
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I had the opportunity a couple weeks ago [at IBMA] to meet Kent Schoonover, discuss the unique neck reinforcement, spider, and headstock designs used in his instruments, and try out several of them for myself. It was a highly enjoyable experience all around, and I was impressed both with Kent as a person, and with the fine resonator guitars he’s building.

Kent is one of the most friendly, down-to-earth, ‘no BS’ guys you’ll ever meet…and IMO the workmanship, finish quality, and materials in his instruments are second to none. He uses a completely ‘open’ body design similar to the Beard E [with no posts or baffles], but has managed to avoid the hollowness and lack of low frequency focus I’ve heard in some other open-body instruments.

His innovative top bracing design [employing precisely shaped and contoured premium Finnish birch plywood] is one of the most well thought out and implemented I’ve seen…resulting in a very strong and powerful instrument, while keeping unnecessary weight to a minimum.

If you get the opportunity, I’d definitely recommend checking out his instruments, and meeting the great guy who builds them.

Erik Waynesmith @ Advanced Music Technology

Posted: Sun. Nov. 13, 2005 on Reso-Nation
Used with permission



Schoonover Resophonic Guitars
"Quality Handmade Instruments"
Kent Schoonover
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